By: Modesto Sa-onoy

IT IS about three months before the Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI will come to a close. He declared this commemoration two years ago and since then a lot of themes had been drawn from this subject.

The question I asked a priest over two months ago was: what have we to show in the concrete the success of this Year of Faith?

I think this is the same question all of us, clergy and faithful ought to ask ourselves: what palpable evidence we have to show an improvement in the Catholics’ sense of faith.


Fr. Emil Ascaño, LRMS triggered this question during his homily at the novena and healing Mass last August 16 for the feast of St. Ezekiel Moreno. All the themes of the Masses were about faith in its various aspects and manifestations which jibe with the universal celebration of the Year of Faith

Fr. Emil called the family as the school of faith and as he narrated his experience with his family during a visit in Canada, my memory flashed back into the recesses of my memory of my childhood and to my grandmother who taught me the rudiments of Christian faith, of prayer and practice of faith.

She was a devout Seventh Day Adventists who followed the strict rules of the church on food, prayer, observance of keeping holy the Lord’s Day (no work of any kind even chopping wood for fuel).

She went to church on Saturdays in her best clothes, the saya and kimona with butterfly wings. I learned to fold the stiff panuelo that went with the kimona. She reminded us to go to church in our best clothes. She explained that if we went to a party of an important personage, should we not wear the best clothes in going to the church, to visit and worship the Lord?

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