By: Wenceslao E. Mateo Jr.

TODAY, August 21, we bring to mind the murder of Senator Ninoy Aquino in 1983. Let us remember it with full devotion to Freedom and in telling ourselves: No to Martial Law again! Personally, I also hate it because I don’t wish to be taken hostage again by the military of such a regime to assure a peaceful rally by fellow activists.


No doubt, a very vital facility in a fast growing city like Iloilo City is parking spaces or public garages for cars.

If every building rents out just one or two parking spaces, we will be sparing the city, especially its busiest districts, of the traffic mess which daily haunts the public like zombies.

Many buildings here have their own parking spaces for vehicles of visitors. If each building owner could rent out even just one such space, we will be able to spare the roadsides of hundreds of cars that narrow the streets because of on-road parking.

The Iloilo Business Club can perhaps ask its members to rent out to the public such parking spaces – at least one or two in their parking areas.

In fact, we can pass an ordinance requiring buildings with parking areas to rent out at least one space to car owners traveling to any of the districts of the City, especially at the business districts.

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