By: Modesto Sa-onoy

THERE are certain matters that need only brief notes for the moment as we wait for more developments.

Last Monday, Carlos Legaspi of the University of Negros Occidental- Recoletos complained that several lamp posts are without lights, not just a bulb or two but a whole stretch of street. He suspected the city is scrimping on its electric bills so that it put out several lights in the city.

I thought nobody noticed this sudden dimming of Bacolod. Indeed there are several streets where the lights are out. One post is lighted followed by several posts without lights. That evening I passed by Lacson Extension passing beside the Bacolod Police Station. Only three posts had lights.

Then I travelled along the Tangub highway whose lights were out all the way to Gardenville, except the small wattage barangay street lights. However, all the lights in the Pahanocoy stretch towards the bridge were all alight.

Is somebody or some people stealing electric bulbs from these posts as I thought or is the new city government trying to solve its electric bills problem as Caloy suspects?

The proposal of Cong. Albee Benitez to form a watchdog to monitor the prices of oil in Occidental Negros is a step in the right direction. The unreasonable price differences seem to be without solution. Several hearings ended with nothing.

While a watchdog is good, the question is whether this dog will bite or it will only bark. Will Benitez insure that this dog will not end up like the Price Monitoring Council that only monitors but is unable to do something to prevent price increases? Instead of a help, it only created false hopes.

The Bacolod City government claims it is unable to contact the 14,000 health card holders. It needs a little imagination to inform the beneficiaries. Reading 500 names on radio for 10 minutes a day will suffice.

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