MANILA – President Aquino’s position to keep the pork barrel will not change, at least for now, despite repeated calls for its abolition.

Asked if his stand on the pork barrel will change, he said he’s listening to various opinions. He, however, noted that the alleged misuse of the pork barrel happened during the Arroyo administration.

“Alammo, dapatlangnamang ma-disgustotayodoonsapag-aabuso ‘nung PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund). Will it change? Ako’ynakikinigngmga various opinions.Siyempre, gusto natin i-perpekto’yung system.Paalalalangnatin, nangyarilahatitonoong dating administrasyonnaibaangpatakaransaatin,” he told reporters.

Various groups are calling for the abolition of the pork barrel system following revelations on the alleged P10 billion pork barrel scam involving lawmakers priority development assistance funds (PDAF).

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