By: Modesto Sa-onoy

WE visited Cano Guapo, otherwise known as Campuestohan Highland Resort last Tuesday. My wife Verns and I treated Mercy Castillo, our friend from New York who accommodated us to use her apartment in Manhattan last October. We were proud to tell her how wonderful the panoramic view of the west coast of Occidental Negros is. So she came along.

We were apprehensive surely because of Typhoon Maring that was flooding Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces. Maring was also bringing scattered and unpredictable torrential rains in Negros but we took a risk.

The early morning was all sunshine and thank God, it did not rain throughout our stay in Cano Guapo and we indeed had a lot to show and talk to our visitor. She gushed at the sights and as normally tourists do to bring home and show-off, she photographed every attraction there, including the flowers.

There are lots of surprises. I wondered where Cano and Nita Tan are getting their inspiration. This is perhaps the result of travels and watching television and movies.

There are new attractions, some completed, some being constructed. I was there last week of April and I did not see these now being in the works.

There is the King Kong sitting on top of a huge rock artificially made, of course. A foreman there told me there will be a cave under King Kong who measures 40 feet tall on his butt. The statue is hollow so it is possible he would be roaring now and then and his red eyes glaring as in Universal Studios.

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