MANILA – The leaders of Congress may have stood behind President Aquino as he issued his call to abolish the existing pork barrel system but House Speaker Sonny Belmonte expects opposition from some members of the House of Representatives.

Belmonte said he plans to speak to leaders of the House to explain the new mechanism that would be put in place.

“Syempre may mga magagalit. Dahil sa nabago, something that they have been used to, babaguhin. But I am very confident… Kauna-unahan kong kakausapin ‘yung mga leaders ng aking coalition, as well as the opposition. I will explain to them kung ano ito. And I’m very hopeful that I’ll be able to explain,” Belmonte told reporters at the Palace.

Belmonte is calling on lawmakers to come up with a list of projects that they want to be funded under the 2014 budget, following the restrictions and criteria set forth by the President.

“Nananawagan ako doon sa mga congressman, ngayon pa lang ilista na n’yo, manghingi na kayo ng mga suggestions from your barangay captains, mga mayors… Gumawa na kayo ng listahan ng mga projects na gusto n’yo gawin. At ‘pag kita natin uli, naka-ready na ‘yung mga projects ninyo within the menu na binanggit ni Presidente—for education, for health purposes, and so forth. Kalimutan na natin ang mga NGO. There are going to be no more NGOs… Kamukha ng aking minumungkahi noong araw, ang mga project natin kailangan para lang sa mga distrito natin,” Belmonte said.

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