By: Limuel S. Celebria

KAHINDIK-hindikwas how Commission on Audit chairman Grace Pulido Tan described the staggering abuses committed by our insatiable politicians on the pork barrel.  Kahindik-hindikmeans appalling in English but somehow a lot has been lost in translation. Indeed the worst superlatives can hardly describe the wholesale rape of a nation by the very people who were elected to guide and guard that nation. I myself am at a loss for words at the magnitude of the greed and brazenness of them all. No matter how inured we are to the many incidence of corruption up and down the bureaucracy, we cannot help but, like Cardinal Tagle, shed a tear or two not just out of deep-seated anger but at the seeming hopelessness of it all. It’s all we can do to fight even that.

I am encouraged, however, by the apparent awakening of our people, some cynics notwithstanding. The clarion call for the Million People March to Luneta (Rizal Park in Manila) against pork-abuse has gained traction and momentum, a life of its own like a fire stoke by the fed up – people with long harbored, pent up emotions. People hoping against hope, fighting against not just the evil that ravages the land but also standing up against the hopelessness that threatens to engulf us.

According to reports, even Filipinos who are unable to go to Manila are organizing their local versions from the north all the way to the southern regions of the country. In Iloilo, the August 26 date has also become a red-letter day with people invited to vent their frustrations at the provincial capitol area.

Indeed, there is hope. If enough people come out to express their collective outrage, perhaps our politicians may be moved to moderate their greed.

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