By: Modesto Sa-onoy

IN every crime story, the plot revolves around the question: who did it? In this case, the criminal tries everything to conceal his crime. As expected however, the criminal is exposed and punished otherwise the story hangs and readers or viewers don’t like that.

The only story I know that ended in a deadlock is a short story, “The lady or the tiger” and to this day nobody has provided an acceptable answer.

In a recent funny situation in the Bacolod political scene, the politicians squabble over the contention: I did it!

This situation is always the fruit of pride or a search for recognition which is also a child of pride. Politicians want to claim they did this and that, all for the pogi points just in case people ask what they had done in return for the their salaries and perks.

Others lie about it until they get caught but nobody bothers to claim they had lied for the credit.

The game being played in Bacolod during the last two weeks is: credit grabbing. It is really a comedy except that the players are dead serious as if their entire political career hangs on the balance; honor to be defended and the opposition mowed down to smithereens.

The Professional Regulation Commission will open a satellite office in Bacolod, and in fact, the chairperson, Teresita Mansala was in Bacolod to meet top officials. Her visit to Bacolod came in the heels of filing of a bill (HB 2361) by Bacolod Congressman Evelio Leonardia for the same purpose but providing for funds in the budget.

Mayor Monico Puentevella fired the first shot when he claimed that he had invited PRC to Bacolod to which Bacolod Councilor Carl Lopez responded with a privilege speech at the Sanggunian accusing Puentevella of credit grabbing. Lopez claims the PRC inclination to open an office here is the result of his efforts, including footing the bill for his trips.

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