By: Modesto Sa-onoy

DUE to the immediacy of the issue, I extend my apologies to our readers who await the revelation of more secrets in Baciwa. I will continue the series tomorrow especially on who is getting lump sums of money on the back of the employees.

The issue now raging in the country is about the pork barrel. There is nothing wrong about the pork barrel. Pork, the real one from the pigs, is neutral. It can be good or it can be bad. It is bad for the health if one eats a lot of pork, but taken in moderation, it helps provide the body with the fat it needs.

Similarly, the pork barrel is neutral. It is a good and a fast way by which political leaders can dispense funds for immediate concern not covered by the national budget. It is an equalizer in the sense that disbursed in accordance with law and not used as a political weapon, it brings national funds into areas where the regular department budgets do not reach or has not included.

Abused as in the present expose the pork barrel ends up in the pockets of corrupt officials and their cohorts who team up to provide a legal front for the funds.

In the decisive moment in the voting for the RH bill, President Aquino used the pork to coerce congressmen and senators to approve the measure even though the law was divisive, immoral and patently evil.

This experience shows that Aquino can put an end to the pork barrel system. Sure there are pros and cons, but as of now the pork has been abused with billions lost to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

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