By: Peter G. Jimenea

SUPREME Court: “In the performance of his peace and order functions, the Punong Barangay is entitled to possess and carry firearm within his territorial jurisdiction subject to appropriate rules and regulations on the possession and carrying of firearms.” (G.R. No. 190569, April 25, 2012).

This land mark decision can be trace back to August 6, 2008 when P/Insp. Ariel S. Artillero, former police chief of Ajuy, Iloilo, and his two policemen arrested Punong Barangay Edito Aguillon of Lanjagan, Ajuy for carrying an Armalite rifle with license card but no permit to carry firearm outside the residence (PTCFOR).

A case for illegal possession of firearm was filed against Aguillon by the arresting officers. In his counter-affidavit, the barangay captain claimed he is authorized by law to carry firearm within his area of jurisdiction but was unlawfully arrested and detained by the police officers.

The case draged for almost four years until this land mark decision was handed down by the SC acquitting Punong Barangay Aguillon. But it did not end there as Aguillon filed criminal and administrative cases against P/Insp. Artillero.

There were allegations that the police officer committed violation of domicile against some residents of Barangay Lanjagan and charges are now being prepared to be slapped against him. The other is a kidnapping case against P/Insp. Artillero.

I smell something wrong in the continuing filing of cases against the police officer from somebody who wants to make his life miserable. Could that somebody be a person badly offended by P/Insp. Artillero? This is what got me so interested.

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