By: Francis Allan Angelo

AT the outset, we deplore and condemn the way the Iloilo City police Special Weapons and Tactics Team stormed the station of Aksyon Radyo-Iloilo early Sunday morning on suspicions that armed men were hiding inside the Carlos Uy building.

The incident stemmed from a fracas between partygoers at Smallville leisure complex.

Some of the wounded persons involved in the rumble sought help from Aksyon Radyo, whose personnel promptly called the police for assistance.

But we cannot fathom why the heavily armed SWAT members had to manhandle the security guard of another office sharing space with Aksyon Radyo. The guard suffered kicks from SWAT members wearing heavy boots.

Worse, Aksyon Radyo personnel were treated like ordinary criminals and were virtually strip searched by the police despite identifying themselves as journalists.

The images captured by Aksyon Radyo’s security cameras are chilling. For some, it is reminiscent of the martial law years when state agents stormed critical media outlets and shut them down.

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