By: Peter G. Jimenea

THE PNP is indeed between us and crime. But policemen must have continuing education because we have plenty of police officers who, deliberate or not, have steppedoverthe line of pardonable behavior. This is alarming.


Last early Sunday morning, a PNP-SWAT team raided the station of AksyonRadyo and declared that all people in the room are suspects and under arrest. But instead of reading to the “suspects” the Miranda Doctrine, the police maltreated them like criminals.

Not only that. They even ordered station employees to undress. On why, they have yet to say. But it creates a bad impression without affirming the perception that some SWAT personnel desire to see the hidden toys, not firearms of the male employees.

I don’t want to think that some uniformed SWAT personnel are also members of the Federacion de lasAguilas. Their raid of the broadcast station is allegedly in pursuit of persons who escaped to the building after a fracas at Smallville.

Is this claim valid enough to get them off the hook easily?  I think the SWAT team should train more on police matters than warfare. The SC is keen in observing basic Constitutional rights as a condition sine qua non against unlawful arrest and the awesome investigative powers of the police.

The presumption of regularity in the performance of duty by a police officer cannot by itself override the constitutional right of the citizens to be secured in person, houses, papers and effects against unlawful search and seizure.

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