By: Modesto Sa-onoy

THE country is up in arms because of corruption but as history tells people prefer to keep silent when the corrupt are within their own backyard for personal reasons. One of these is that the people involved are their friends or allies or even benefactors.

In the national scene they take no personal risks; in the local situation corruption has personal implications.

And so despite the clear and manifest corruption in Baciwa, our local good guys are silent quite differently from their public outrage against the pork barrel.

Baciwa’s corruption is only local and does not give our good guys the publicity but corruption in whatever form and manner and locale is corruption nevertheless. The local good guys in the pork barrel controversy do not follow the fundamental principle in fighting corruption which ironically sucks them for every drop of Baciwa water they use.

The pork barrel has at least its redeeming value but the corruption in Baciwa is without shame as it is blatant. They must be exposed lest the corrupt think that their secrets remain hidden. It does not matter whether the concerned officials or the good guys take action or not, the most important is that the immoral actions are unmasked. Let the crime takes its own course and curse.

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