By: Juan Mercado

HOW would Senator Jose Diokno (1922 – 1987) see those six tarred senators who twisted in the wind at Monday rallies against the pork barrel scam?

If born 30 years earlier, we could have watched Diokno or Senator Claro Recto debate, historian AmbethOcampo regretted. The Senate then had a Lorenzo Tanada, Emmanuel Pelaez to JovitoSalonga.

Not anymore. Scam mastermind Janet Napoles “asked me to pick up a Montblanc ball pen from Rustan,” said Whistleblower No. 9. She paid P65,000 in cash and had the senator’s name engraved.” So, “did Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. brag to Sen. JinggoyEstrad: my pen is mightier than yours?” Dr Carolina Camara of Butuan emailed.

“More important” than Montblanc ball pens is what “induced (Senator Diokno’s family) to shed tears?” asked President Benigno Aquino in an Inquirer interview on the 30th anniversary of his father’s murder.

Diokno and Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. vanished from their Fort Bonifacio cells and their personal effects were returned without explanations. “Will he not need his toothbrush?” Corazon Aquino asked stone-faced jailors. Over 42 days, the two families searched.

Blindfolded and handcuffed to escorts, Diokno and Aquino were secretly helicoptered to Nueva Ecija. “Their escorts had .45 pistols pointed at the midsection of both my dad and SenatorDiokno,” PNoy recalls. “They didn’t know where they were being brought.”

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