By: Tara Yap

THE municipal government of Dumangas is eyeing to get a share of the estimated P15.72-million annual revenue made by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) from the Port of Dumangas.

Dumangas Mayor Rolando Disturasaid he is looking into possible options so they can the town’s share of the port earnings.

PPA earns P43,685.72from the port which caters to 19 daily trips of passenger and cargo vessels.

The local government only earned P100,000 from business permits in the past three years.

Distura is hoping that the LGU can get a 20-30% share from PPA’s annual revenue.

“We’re looking at an amount that would be enough to compensate for the town’s collateral damages,” Distura said, referring to continuous destruction of roads due to big trucks going to and from the port.

In 2007, the Regional Trial Court granted the turnover of cargo handling operations to the local government with the condition that it paysP11 million to private firm United Dumangas Port Development Corp. (UPDC) for having developed the port.

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