By: Peter G. Jimenea

THE merging of three political forces from the North, the South and Central Iloilo in the last election has created a formidable team of warlords under one cage. But this early I can say the hollow camaraderie has a short-lived unity.

This consolidation of forces of Emperor Arthur Defensor Sr. with King Niel Tupas, Sr. of the Coastal-North and Oscar Garin, Sr., the Wizard of Sur, is a handiwork of Sen. Franklin M. Drilon and DILG Sec. Mar Roxas to ensure the victory of the Liberal Party in Iloilo.

Funny indeed, for what kind of discipline and friendly relations can develop among the three wild and carnivorous animals placed in one cage? Sus gino-o, they may behave only if their trainers, the senator and the secretary, are around.

But what if the two turn their backs from the irreverent gaze of the three seniors? This early, , an animosity between the emperor and the lone heir of Oca, the Wizard of Sur, has erupted.

Emperor Arthur accused Prince Richard of unwillingness to cooperate with his reign. The prince is said to have supported another candidate other than the emperor’s anointed choice in the Philippine Councilors’ League (PCL) election few weeks ago.

Prince Richard, the lone heir of the Wizard of Sur, retorted by claiming they were not consulted by the emperor of his plan to field a candidate.  So, the verbal tussle or sorts. The PCL election result alarmed Emperor Arthur.

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