By: Yasmin D. Arquiza

PAPER pig snouts were welcome, along with a pork barrel costume for the irrepressible Juana Change. But disgraced former officials were not, as a former Chief Justice who was ousted for declaring only two per cent of his income in his SALN soon found out.

Yet, even as the sights and sounds were entertaining enough, the anti-pork barrel protest picnic at the Luneta on National Heroes’ Day was a tough news event to report for the most jaded of journalists. After all, how do you cover a massive protest action that had no leader and did not call for anyone’s downfall?

At the end of the day, though, there were some realizations about the Pinoy psyche that are bound to create endless buzz in our busy news feeds:

1. We don’t need to be part of an organization, but we do need to be organized, to hold a huge protest rally.

In this mobile and digital age, what you need would be a lot of friends on Facebook and tons of followers on Twitter. They can be physically present at the rally, or they can simply join the expression of public outrage with creative hashtags, impassioned status updates, and eye-catching profile pictures. All it takes is a conscience, the desire to make yourself heard, and a bit of imagination in sending your message out there.

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