By: Modesto Sa-onoy

THE country appears aroused with the thousands that marched during the rallies held in various cities of the nation. Although the march was against the misuse of the congressional pork barrel by senators and congressmen, no legislator was singled out in the rallies.

The anger was directed at Congressmen and Senators in general although there were pockets of accusations against the huge pork barrel of President Aquino and some department secretaries.

Aquino has the largest pork barrel so that many in the crowd who are Aquino loyalist were rather timid in directly indicting the President.

This is, however, the beginning and how the national protest will end is yet to be seen. I see though that the protest, unsatisfied can develop a life of its own and nobody knows where the wind of protest will blow.

But let us examine the pork barrels of two congressmen of Bacolod as they are closer to home and directly affecting us. The earliest I got from the Commission on Audit website are about the pork barrels of Monico Puentevella who was congressman from 2001 to 2010 and that of Anthony Golez who succeeded Puentevella in 2010 but failed reelection in 2013.

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