By: Fr. Roy Cimagala

WHY be a killjoy? Why be a wet blanket? Why not enjoy as much as you can all the fun and the perks in life, be it because of your status, your position, your fame and talent, your wealth, etc.?

Why? Because Christ said so. We have to enter by the narrow gate, he said long time ago,

because the wide gate which, by the way, attracts a lot of people, leads us to perdition, while the narrow leads us to our true joy and fulfilment.

This is not supposed to be a breaking news, but now, with all the screaming scandal revolving around some pork barrel, it seems this gospel truth is in urgent need to break into people’s consciousness, politicians’ especially.

We have to shout it out in all corners, especially now when the people are simply dumb struck by the enormity of the deceit and stupidity some senators, congressmen and other public officials have been pulling on us for years.

We have to explain why this doctrine is necessary for us. It admittedly is not a very popular doctrine, but it should be made so. And we can take this time when we wallowing in some national crisis to make this doctrine more known, appreciated and lived.

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