By: Modesto Sa-onoy

Malacanang declared last Tuesday that the presidential pork called by different names but with one purpose – to provide the President with discretionary fund to meet certain exigencies and situations – will not be affected by the demand for the abolition of the congressional pork barrel.


It seems that the sauce is good only for the goose but not for the gander. You can take whichever meaning you want for the “gander” – the fowl, the man or the system.

The Malacañang decision places the Aquino loyalists in a bind, a dilemma for they cannot demand that the members of Congress should not have the pork but the president with such huge pork can have his lechon. Credibility becomes the issue.

But pork is pork, whether it is paksiw, lechon, barbecue, sinigang or chop. A rose is a rose and smells just as sweet, the poet declares. So it is with pork, whether it is the pig or the money contributed from the sweat and brows of the citizens and dispensed by Congress or the President, it remains the burden of the people.

To me the issue of the pork is a matter of trust. Will you trust Ali Baba and his forty thieves to guard your treasury? On the other hand, will you trust Blessed Mother Teresa with the same task?

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