By: Fr. Roy Cimagala

I’M happy to know that the Vatican issued early this year a new edition of the Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests. The first edition came in 1994, under Blessed John Paul II’s watch, after an extensive review of all pertinent documents and reports on priesthood that came from different places. It was a very rich document.

This new edition is one of the last documents that Pope Benedict XVI approved before he resigned in February. It puts in more data as to the new challenges priests today face.

Let’s hope that this directory gets to reach all the clergy, from bishops to priests and even to those studying for the priesthood, since it truly gives a global picture of who the priest is and how he should be. Now with all the communication technologies we have, that concern should be no problem at all.

Still, priests need to be encouraged to study and assimilate this manual. Thus, I encourage even our lay faithful, especially those who occupy some positions of prominence in society, to be familiar with its content.

The laity can do a lot in helping the clergy, just as clergy can also do a lot in helping the laity. This, I believe, is part of what is called as organic mutual relation between clergy and laity that is highly valued in the Church.

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