By: Efren N. Padilla

THE Good Old Book admonishes us that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I’d say, the love of “pork” is the root of all political corruption!

And why not?

Why covet for political power if there is no “pork” to be had?  Why risk political defeat if one cannot expect to recoup campaign expenses apart from “pork?”  What incentive is there for a candidate to aspire to a higher political position if there is no “pork barrel” to dip one’s hand into? It is a tempting prospect indeed.

And here lies the problem.  Because of “pork” no one is really serious of being a politician anymore.   So who are the people likely responsible in running the various branches of our government?  Patrons?  Yes.  Politicians?  I don’t think so.

Why is this so?

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