By: Limuel S. Celebria

WHEN our current President’s father, Ninoy Aquino, was assassinated about a week and three years ago today, the nation was shocked. We all stayed glued to the radio waiting for details and explanations as to how so blatant and brazen a deed can happen in our society.

I was already a jaded journalist back then thinking that, sure, there will be outrage but this will all die down and disappear eventually.

My cynicism stemmed from the fact that, except for the Left which put up an armed struggle that continues to this day, the majority of Filipinos didn’t put up any struggle against Martial Law and the curtailment of their freedoms. Even now I find it funny (pathetic, actually) that some would view the Marcos years as “the good old days” and that some would welcome their return to power. Really stupid.


Still, I was wrong. The rallies and yellow confetti pouring out of Makati’s high rise buildings became a regular afternoon occurrence with the so-called yuppies (Young, Urban Professionals) providing the warm bodies to these mass actions and shouting “Sobra Na, Tama Na, Palitan Na!” No doubt great seeds of dissent were sown in this highly middle if not upper class neighborhood, giving birth to passive resistance (such as non-payment of taxes and a general boycott of products made by Marcos-crony companies). Three years later, the Confetti Revolution would bloom fully at EDSA, where a peaceful, People Power revolution booted out the Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdie and Meldy.

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